Somerdata Ltd was a  Company based in Wells, Somerset. Established in 1997 following the demise of Penny and Giles Data Systems, the founders recognised a need to switch from recording on magnetic tape to recording on to magnetic disk in low-cost PCs, as that technology improved in speed and capacity, and at the same time reduced significantly in cost.

Picture of Somerdata R2D1 ISA Card

R2D1 ISA Capture Card, c 1997

R2D2 ISA Data Capture Card, c 2000

Initially focussing on replacing the traditional instrumentation tape recording products, the Company quickly developed a capability in the newly emerging DAB Radio market, supplying Broadcasters with archiving, test and development facilities.

DABStor DAB recording and Analysis System, c 2008

These were widely deployed to all the major Broadcasters worldwide, and resulted in rapid expansion.


Specialised Data Converter , c 1999

At the same time, links with high security agencies resulted in the development of specialised intercept and recording equipment utilising the Company’s expertise in digital signal processing, data conversion and high-speed recording.


Following the sale of the DAB broadcast arm to VDL Diffusion in France, the Company concentrated on surveillance recording, software development and cybersecurity.

Early video surveillance recorders, c2001

This gradually wound down, until only custom work was carried out. The Company ceased trading in December 2020 after 23 years. 

As of 26th October 2021,  SomerData Ltd is dissolved.

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