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AROW Data Diode- Prevent Network Data Theft

Somerdata’s AROW Optical Wormhole Data Diode  is available for all commercial customers as well as at the top level of security classification. AROW is available in 3 options, as an entry level single channel, an enterprise  level dual channel version… Continue Reading →

Store and Forward WiFi Audio Recording is here!

We are pleased to announce the immediate availability of our new store and forward wifi audio recording system. Based on the world-beating ORDiO recording module, this system allows covert audio recordings from vehicle or static targets to be downloaded over… Continue Reading →

Audio Recorder Range Extended

Somerdata has added to its range of miniature covert audio recorders with the release of 3 new  models. Each incorporates 16-bit  codec technology for higher quality recording and increased dynamic range but maintains low power consumption for extended operational action…. Continue Reading →

Developing the future of Communications technology

Somerdata Ltd continues to develop original and innovative solutions to the special design problems for communications hardware.  Our UK-based Engineering department produces off-the-shelf  and custom designs for data rates from E1 to OC 12. Splitters,  switches,  routers, recorders and data… Continue Reading →

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