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Choosing the right E1 splitter

When you need to duplicate a unidirectional  E1 data stream, to intercept, provide redundancy or just  monitoring for signal integrity purposes, it’s important to know your options. Unlike some communications signals the E1/T1 physical form is very specific and can… Continue Reading →

E1 over USB – Portable Data Capture

E1UC is a new device from Somerdata aimed at the portable acquisition and control of E1 Telecomm and Broadcast DAB  data streams for infrastructure management and monitoring in one neat package.. The unit features 4 bi-directional E1 ports that can… Continue Reading →

ETDT – Ethernet Splitter/Buffer

ETDT Ethernet Splitter/Buffer provides a means of non-intrusively monitoring and capturing traffic flowing in both directions of a 100MHz LAN connection. The port connections are made through two RJ-45 connectors that are hard-wired in parallel. All network traffic is passed-through… Continue Reading →

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